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Wordpress is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) because it s open source, powerful, easy to use & fully customisable. Although Wordpress is primary used to create blogs as it continues to be updated it's becoming more common to see it used for websites too. We provide many Wordpress services from installation all the way to integrating your existing website with the software.


Wordpress Installation

We will install the latest version of Wordpress for you at the location of your choice (e.g, with the username of your choice.



Wordpress Configuration

While Wordpress is fantastic out of the box there is allot of settings that you can change to increase your blogs potential in the search engines. This service is perfect for someone who is new to Wordpress and would like to have their blog setup correctly straight away without the need to research the best settings. To take advantage of this offer you will only need a domain name (e.g since this service also comes with 2 months free web hosting (optional). Our Wordpress configuration service includes the following:

  • Full settings configuration (General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Privacy)
  • Custom Permalinks (More friendly post urls e.g
  • Installation of a theme of your choice
  • Installation of plugin: All in One SEO (The best SEO plugin)
  • Installation of plugin: Sociable (Displays Search Engine icons under your posts so your visitors can share them)
  • Installation of plugin: WordPress Database Backup (Allows you to create a backup of your Wordpress database which is vital)
  • Google Feedburner setup (A better RSS feed option)
  • Google Analytics setup (Software that provides amazing data on your website visitors)
  • Scheduled database backup to be sent to your email weekly
  • A complete backup of your blog so it can be restored by your web host at anytime



Wordpress Integration

We will integrate Wordpress into your current website design so your website and blog flow together and look professional.





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